Why do people recommend choosing a breeder who shows their dogs?


Dog shows are a means of evaluating dogs against the breed standard, to evaluate soundness, movement/gait, type, and temperament.


Soundness: The state of physical and mental health when all organs and faculties are functioning properly, each in its rightful relation to each other.


Type: Breed type encompasses appearance, character, condition, bone structure, temperament, and movement; “breed type is all these things.” Breed type also includes a character specific to each breed, a combination of behavior, temperament and carriage that demonstrate an essence of the breed.


Gait: The gait of a dog is its quality of movement. You want to see ease of movement, unimpaired by illness or poor structure.


Temperament: The general attitude a dog has towards other animals and people. Aggressiveness towards humans or other animals, or any evidence of shyness in an adult shouldn’t be breed.


So. You want a pet, a companion, not a show dog, right? Well, you chose a Basenjis for a reason. You’ve done your research, and have read that they’re very active, clean, playful, strong character but not aggressive; they make excellent companions and love spending time with their people. Good, responsible breeders seek to preserve those definitive and positive characteristics.


This is not about being snobby this is selecting dogs of good character, excellent genetic health, intelligence and beauty, we strive to preserve original type of Basenji breed.