Without breeders, their enthusiasm and expertise, many breeds would have disappeared. By carefully selecting dogs of good character, excellent genetic health, intelligence and beauty, we strive to preserve original type of Basenji breed.


1. FIRST look for a BREEDER than looking for a puppy.
The classic mistake puppy buyers make saying “I want a puppy right now”.
It’s VERY rare to wait less than a couple of months or year is normal. Basenjis have litter only once a year (fall /winter) they don’t have available puppies during the whole year.


2. Visit before buying!
If you plan to visit the breeder be sure they allow you to meet the parents. Breeders should be open to sharing their home with you so you can see how puppies are raised. It is important to know the conditions in which the parents and puppies are raised.


3. Health testing!!
Always ask if a breeder does appropriate health testing. The Basenji breeders recommend five tests for breeding Basenji. These tests are DNA Fanconi and PRA, Eyes PPM, HIPS and THYROID. If a breeder says they have health test, ALWAYS ask to see the results for the parents.


4. Contracts
A reputable breeder will always have some type of contract that will include details regarding things such as if you cannot keep a puppy it must be returned to the breeder.


To a new home puppy will leave in the age of 8 weeks to 12 weeks it depends on the country in which it comes. Every country has special regulation for importing puppy or other animals.








All puppies deserve the best start in life, and will grow into a loving family member. It’s about loving our breed enough to want to see everything that’s good about them preserved for future generations to enjoy. If you want a healthy dog, with a properly temperament choose your breeder wisely!


EXPECT TO WAIT FOR A PUPPY. It’s VERY rare to wait less than a couple of months; four to six is normal. I’ve waited a year on a couple of occasions; no, even we breeders don’t walk through the field, able to pick puppies like tulips. We ALL have to wait, and we ALL have to get matched up by the puppies’ breeder.


INTRODUCE YOURSELF THOROUGHLY. The initial e-mail should be several paragraphs long; block out at least an hour of quiet for the first phone call. When you initiate contact, clearly communicate three things: You are ready for a puppy, you are ready for a puppy of this breed, and you understand what sets this breeder apart from the others and you share that commitment.