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This little African dog has come from its jungle homeland and not only invaded our civilization, but our hearts too.

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Breed History


Knowing the origin and history of the Basenji will help you understand your dog’s instincts, needs, personality and unique structure and enable you to better care for your pet.

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Without breeders, their enthusiasm and expertise, many breeds would have disappeared. By carefully selecting dogs of good character, excellent genetic health, intelligence and beauty, we strive to preserve original type of Basenji breed.

Facts about Basenji



–  Basenjis are NOT hypoallergenic dogs
– Basenjis need cca 10 km of running or walking per day.
– Basenjis shed twice a year.
– Basenjis have to stay on a leash.
– Basenjis cannot be left alone for more than 6 hours per a day.
– Basenjis are not for children up to 5 years old.
– Basenji generally don’t like water or rain. Don’t expect any swimming of them in a river or sea.
–  Basenjis need clothes in colder weather
– NEVER UNCURL A BASENJI’S TAIL because they have sensitive bones inside the tail.
– NEVER TOUCH SLEEPING BASENJI – first wake him up with your voice then you can touch him.

About us


Basenji breed is more than 3000 years old. It is a native breed, meaning it was not bred – developed by human intervention by cross breeding among different native dog breeds. They captured our hearts and from the moment they step into our lives we consider ourselves privileged to earn the trust of this unique creatures.

WAKANDA LEGEND kennel is dedicated exclusively to breeding Basenjis. The kennel implement and follow the national and F.C.I. breeding rules and regulation.

FCI kennel No. 35/18   


Our Basenjis live with us as family members and they are well socialized with children. Our breeding is limited, we raise puppies responsible with high care and love. Basenji health and temperament comes first in our breeding.

When you buy a dog from us, you will understand background of his physical and behavioral characteristics specific for the dog breed you are getting. You will be able to match your future life companion with your lifestyle. You will meet the dog mother and learn about his father and other siblings.

We are highly fond of the Basenji and our strong commitment to the breed is oriented to well-being of Basenjis and placing them in suitable homes with owners who enjoy a good reputation of the breed. Basenji deserved that.

And now, it is time to meet our beloved Basenji breed!


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